Bottled emotions

I have this bottle filled with air
And shattered dreams and forgotten things
It sits on it’s shelf, neglected
Collecting dust day by day

Although it looks empty
It’s overflowing with bottled emotion
The thoughts I wished to forget
Leaking out like smoke from a fire

The forests heart

The gentle breeze was brushing through the leaves on a cold autumn day. The stream was growing stronger with every drop of rain. A fox sheltered near by in his den. Keeping his silky coat safe from the rain and the birds called to each other desperately as they tried to find their homes. The forest was alive as the clouds opened and the rain grew heavy. Every creature searching for a place to spend the night. Then the forest grew silent. Nothing but the rain could be heard. Except quietly in the distance the sound of gravel underfoot could be heard. Gradually growing louder as it got closer. From between the trees the image of a young boy emerged. He wore a black wooly hat – the bobbly kind and his fringe covered up his face. He had an oversized sweater on that hid his hands from view. And his jeans were fitted tightly, showing the shape of his fragile legs. Clumpy boots continued to crunch on gravel as he carried on his trek into the forests heart.