The shadow

Just like a book she remains open, half her pages still unwritten. Shes a shadow moving in the night watching as you sleep. Counting each breath, shes done this for years. Waiting and watching every move you make. As you forget about her, As your memories fade. She stands there in the shadows remembering that day. Thanks to you shes nothing but a shadow, Locked away in the darkness both night and day. Do you know what its like to be hidden away? To be disposed of like a dead rat in a cage. 6 years ago when she was 18. You didn’t want her to be the sunlight any more. You were filled with greed. You dirty pig, A rag of filth. You killed her and took everything she had. You threw her away and like a torn piece of paper she was burnt away. Her shadow watched as you took her life that day and now its time for it to make you pay.

For 60 years its watched you. Every step you take. If you took the time, you’d see it in the corners and in the shadows of the day. You got rid of the evidence but you made one fatal mistake. She may have been an orphan with no family she was easy to take. You took everything she had. Everything she’d slaved to get. You took away her happiness and for that you’ll surely pay. The fatal mistake you made was you didn’t catch her shadow but you don’t need to worry because soon it will all be done. That beautiful hunters knife you keep locked away. That you used to cut her throat on that fateful day. And the fire in the woods that will be lit for one more day. That shadow will show no mercy as darkness is its way.

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