When everything starts to fall apart
I know I’ll always have a place to go
This place is called YouTube
A place I can laugh, cry and be inspired

It’s somewhere to disappear to
For long hours lost alone
Spent laughing at a computer screen
Full volume headphones in

Danisnotonfire and amazingphil
Cat whiskers drawn on their faces
A llama and a lion too
Hello Internet – and the laughing begins

Then there’s Emma Blackery
A big inspiration to me
Her stories can make me giggle or make me realise
She’s taught me a lot of lessons in life

And lukeisnotsexy
Cheering me up on a rainy day
Making me feel proud to be British
And we are the kings of cool!

And bribryontour
Your music I’ve brought it all
It’s amazing and your channel makes me believe
You can do anything in life if you choose

There’s so many more I haven’t mentioned
But they’ve all helped me realise
You can be yourself in so many ways
And that’s okay 😀