Band aid (plaster)

I titled this band aid mainly because it sounded better than plaster… I always call it a plaster but in this case it just sounded better… This little poem came to me after i fell over ahha… Enjoy 🙂

the band aid
The band aid sits softly on my skin
Hides the marks from your eyes
Sticks to me like a protective friend
Holding in each drop that try’s to escape

Tending to my graze, healing ever cut
Every little accident under strict supervision
Holding together in such a delicate manner
The band aid is like a caring mother


Here’s a little poem I wrote earlier today… Enjoy 🙂

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate to accept
I’m in love with you

Never felt so happy
Never felt so calm
When your around
You keep me from harm

Making me smile
Making me blush
Hold me for a while
No need to rush

Can we spend some time
Just to chat
Maybe hug?
I’d like that