coffee shop thoughts

i wrote this one and the last one i posted while i was in Weston super-mare 🙂 had a lovely time there and wrote these down in my lovely notebook from disjointed rhyme 🙂

sat in the coffee shop she waits
wondering if anyone will ever come
sadness overpowering her mind
happiness a past she left behind
as if her mind doesn’t want to heal
the wounds that puncture even deeper
i guess its possible to over think
dragging yourself to an early grave
the music playing, going over in your head
the thoughts from yesterday still there
what happened still very clear
a new beginning would bring some hope
but when ever she runs away
her body always leads her back
trying to get away from herself
she keeps on going in circles
all that’s going round her head
as she sits sipping her drink

The silence

starring out of the window
watching the world go by
tears streaming down her face
although she doesn’t know why

a sadness she’s unsure of
but all she’s ever known
a silent scream of pain she cries
but there’s no one around to care

sitting there in the silence
looking out through the glass
a smile slowly creeps on her face
as she remembers why she’s still there


bringing all my thoughts together
before i lay you in the ground
the boy that i remember
that i was always around

as they lower you deeper
my mind flashes memories
those which i had quite forgotten
now to rest safe and sound

i know that i should be happy
that your suffering has now ended
but i let mine begin 
i let depression in

but as i go over these thoughts 
i relay you in the ground tonight
the girl that you remember 
lays too safe beneath the ground

Thank you

I’d like to tell you
How much it really means
For all the help you’ve given
It’s really made me see
That there are people out there
Out there for me
People who care
About you and me

You may not realise it
But your the reason I’m still here
You made me think about
Every thing that wasn’t clear
And now I understand
That life’s worth living
Even when I’ve lost
The closest thing to me

So I’d like to tell you
How much it really means
When I say I’m stupid
And you disagree
When every thing seems broken
You’ve fixed it for me
So I thank you for every thing

For making me smile
For making my life worth while
And helping me stop
Doing all the stupid things
I thank you for every thing