the wolf

in the moon light it howls
but noone can hear it
for mercy it whimpers
but it doesnt get any
ignored by all
it stands on the peak
waiting for something
to fall for its stare


this is a poem that i wrote when in Whitby this year, it’s about two people i know fishing at sandsend a small seaside village nearby. (one of them was disjointed rhymings dad!) this what I came up with when I was back at our holiday apartment!

Stood on the beach,
rod in his hand
waiting patiently
for a tug or a pull
SNAP, there goes his day
there, in the water
he hears them say
pulling out the line from the sea.

challenge #2

my challenge from disjointed rhyme for this month was to include in a poem the word “petrichor” which means the smell of the earth after it has rained. this is what i came up with!

Petrichor, the smell of the earth after rain
Where before raindrops fell
Yet now there is just soil
Steam comes off the mountains
And the air smells fresh
When the earth is cleaned
And sparkles in the sun
As people merge from doorways
To enjoy what we take for granted
On a beautiful summers day.

all of those people

my rs homework was to write a poem about the holocaust so here it is:(

All of those people
Standing on the platform
Young and old, Strong and weak
About to take a one way trip to what they don’t know

As the minutes tick slowly by one by one
Crammed in a small carriage of steel
They shall take a journey
They shall never forget

Sadly they will never win
As the war ends and
Survivors say their prayers of thanks
Miss fortune of many that we will never forget

How could people laugh and smirk
As people like themselves die before their eyes
Like dogs them shoot they down for fun
yet we just watch and stay away

Don’t say that rubbish that we didn’t know
We all read it in the papers and heard it from our neighbours
We could have stopped it but I suppose we were too scared
Yet we sent our troops to fight against theirs

History now lies beneath our very feet
But we never think till we learn
A crime can turn into a mad killing act
And I hope that it will never happen again