cold winter night

haven’t been on for a while just a short one today! enjoy!x

sat by the fire she sleeps
on a cold winters night
her blanket tucked round tight
the kettle whistles on the range
the light flickers in the gloom
the embers going from red to grey
so there the old women lays
sadly never to awake

the nimster

i have this friend called Chloe and we choose names for each other this about the two of us!!!

Clive and Nigel,
that’ll do
a name for me
and a name for you
I guess I’m
nim now
the nimster is back
or maybe nobbles in fact

i guess Clive could call me most
but each one i’ll treasure in my heart
my special name’s
from a special friend!

hope you like it!

the challenge no.1

ive got it!!! i shall post u the link to disjointed rhymes when shes done hers! (i forgot to give her a challenge so she got hers abit late!) my challege that disjointedrhyme set for me was a scottish stanza. heres what i came up with!

Today in RM i got a black eye
I also got paint on my blazer that’s dry
At lunch kim was throwing flapjack at kye
My hair is a mess because of the rain
In art i thought i was gonna die
Because i spilt water on my work WHAT A PAIN!

hope u like it!x

the challenge…

disjointed rhyme had a bright idea that me and her could set a challenge that we would both complete. we would have a month to do it in and then we would have a look at what we come up with! the next post that is titled the challenge will be the first ones results for me and if you check out disjointed rhyme im sure that you will be able to find her result! it starts today! id better get writing!!!!