first post!

hi! this my first post being persuaded to make a blog by @disjointed rhyme and here it is! wrote this poem the other day and disjointed rhyme said it was good so i hope you like it too! enjoy:)


one morn sat in bed
my phone vibrates on and on
this was what my text said
‘smile’ just one simple word

A grin spread across my face
i jumped out of bed in a hurry
running across the room in a rush
that cheesy smile still implanted

getting ready for school was not a problem
i hurried out the door almost wanting school
climbing up the steps of the small yellow and white bus
just one word brought happieness that day

‘smile’ just one simple word
but one with such an impact on me and my friend
i know it seems alittle obsurd
but it meant alot as we hugged each other while walking though that gate.

hope you liked it! please comment!

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