this is a poem about an awesome song called earthquake by labrinth ft. tinie tempah
the poem is how you would react to the info that they tell you! hope you like it!

earthquake what do you mean
so many happen
so many die
now your tellin me

i predict
what do you mean you predict
10 on the rictar scale
lol thanks but that won’t happen

so now you panic
now your scared
take your pack
your leaving tonight!

random post

hi this is just a random post! just to say thankyou to disjointed rhyme for encourageing me to write poems and to make a blog! please visit her site disjointedrhymings (thats on wordpress too! lolz) also to thank my friends who gave me the ideas for my first poem smile! thanx

                                                    x (:SMILE:)x

no-one cares, everybody hurts

long title for a short poem! abit of a shorter one today thought this one up while in the care! hence why its so short i could only keep on writing up to the point where i ended it short and sweet! enjoyx

no-one cares
no-one listens
everybody shouts
everybody laughs

no-one watches
no-one cries
everybody ignores
everybody hurts

lunch with the gurls.

today i had lunch out and when i got home i wrote this poem to remember it by.

today i had lunch out
lunch with the girls as grandma said
it was raining outside as we got in the car
we pulled up outside just a moment later

once inside we all choose drinks
then sat down and talked awhile
we got some menus and choose outr meals
chicken tikka baguette for me i said

we all ate well that day indeed
with dessert as well i should think so
raspberry brulee, spotted dick
toffee icecream said another

we all left that day not empty but full
with a laugh and a giggle
we said goodbye
parting in our ways.

(not my best but i still like it!x)

at the grandparents!

this one more happyclappy lol not my normal style hope you enjoy it!x

at the grandparents
grandma cooks lunch
from cheese on toast
to a gert big roast

at the grandparents
sit down and watch tv
could be bargin hunt
or maybe bbc

at the grandparents
we will do sudoku
or play snakes and ladders
maybe even draughts

at the grandparents
we listen to classic fm
go on email from time to time
and go shopping at the nearest town

at the grandparents
i have to leave at some point
but when i have gone
i can’t wait till next time i come.

my life…

this ones abit more personal! (no names!) hope you like it. its abit darker than most of my poems so i hope it dosnt scare you! lolz

My life
where’s my life heading to?
where do my thoughts lie?
why do you hurt me?
why does your tongue speak lies?
how come you pinned me down?
why did you choose me as your prey?
what is the motive to every word you say?
where are the answers inside your head?
i want to know why you killed my soul
why you ate my confidence
and how you worry my head!
where do you want this to go?
i know you enjoy it
but do you care?
care about the pain it causes me
i can’t wait to say goodbye
so i ask you again
where do you want this to go?
there are plenty of options
but you must choose one.

nobody’s home…

have been listening to avril cd’s abit to much recently and heard this song and wrote a poem along the same lines hope you like it! enjoyx

Nobody’s home
sat playin her guitar
she longs for shelter
footsteps ignore her
nobody’s home
she wants to go home
but nobdy’s there
thats why she’s here
broken inside
she’s lost in thought
oh, how she hurts
she’s hungry and wet
she’s all over the place
she’s losing her faith
she’s been rejected
and she’s wondering why
why she was left behind
with no place to stay
no place to go
to dry her tears
to clean her face
she wants to go home
but nobody’s there
thats why she’s here
broken inside.


first post!

hi! this my first post being persuaded to make a blog by @disjointed rhyme and here it is! wrote this poem the other day and disjointed rhyme said it was good so i hope you like it too! enjoy:)


one morn sat in bed
my phone vibrates on and on
this was what my text said
‘smile’ just one simple word

A grin spread across my face
i jumped out of bed in a hurry
running across the room in a rush
that cheesy smile still implanted

getting ready for school was not a problem
i hurried out the door almost wanting school
climbing up the steps of the small yellow and white bus
just one word brought happieness that day

‘smile’ just one simple word
but one with such an impact on me and my friend
i know it seems alittle obsurd
but it meant alot as we hugged each other while walking though that gate.

hope you liked it! please comment!