A poem for you my “friend”

Do I know you?
Are you who I used to see
Laughing and joking with me
But now you’re laughing and joking at me

You still label yourself as friend
But no “friend” makes their mate feel so down
So what are you to me?
Are you worthy of being anything?

Do I even want to see you
When all you do is hurt me
Bruise me and break me
Physically and mentally

I can’t call you a friend anymore
But I’ll remember the memories
Memories of who you used to be
But not who you’ve become to me

Bottled emotions

I have this bottle filled with air
And shattered dreams and forgotten things
It sits on it’s shelf, neglected
Collecting dust day by day

Although it looks empty
It’s overflowing with bottled emotion
The thoughts I wished to forget
Leaking out like smoke from a fire

The forests heart

The gentle breeze was brushing through the leaves on a cold autumn day. The stream was growing stronger with every drop of rain. A fox sheltered near by in his den. Keeping his silky coat safe from the rain and the birds called to each other desperately as they tried to find their homes. The forest was alive as the clouds opened and the rain grew heavy. Every creature searching for a place to spend the night. Then the forest grew silent. Nothing but the rain could be heard. Except quietly in the distance the sound of gravel underfoot could be heard. Gradually growing louder as it got closer. From between the trees the image of a young boy emerged. He wore a black wooly hat – the bobbly kind and his fringe covered up his face. He had an oversized sweater on that hid his hands from view. And his jeans were fitted tightly, showing the shape of his fragile legs. Clumpy boots continued to crunch on gravel as he carried on his trek into the forests heart.


The stillness so unbearable
Almost silent except what was said
Echoing at the back of their minds
Repeating over and over again

Every word that ever hurt
Slowly sinking in
No one to tell them that
The words were wrong

Gradually like an anchor
Those words are buried in
Engraved on the surface
On the sea bed made of skin

The rain

The raindrops land softly
In her short brown hair
Like the tears falling down her face
They splash delicately on the grass

One droplet merges into another
And loses itself in the soil
Like the thoughts she so desperately tries to hide
In the garden of her mind


They’re busy around you
Talking to you
Desperately trying to distract you
To keep you calm

They think it’s working
That you’re not thinking about it
But really you are
It’s on the tip if your tongue

You watch as they put the mask on
Your mind trying to remember every move
As they put you to sleep you remember that breath
like its the last you’ll ever breathe

Next thing you know you’re sat up in bed
Surrounded by whiteness
Beds either side
And nurses rushing by

You wonder what would have happened
Had that breath been your last
Did dying feel the same
Only you never awake

The monopoly of life

It’s just a game
You’re just another character
Bouncing around a board that never ends
Until someone puts a stop to the play

We just go around
Picking up chance cards
And getting thrown around
Like an old abused dice

We dream of winning
But there is no winning this sad game
We play to the death
And leave it unfinished, unwon

Like pieces of a puzzle
Some get lost, broken and forgotten
But still we play on
In this puzzle known as life

I wonder

I wonder what it’s like to die
To know inside that you’re letting go
To breathe your last breath and close your eyes
To slip away from the pain inside

I wonder what it’s like to feel yourself going
No way to stop it
Would you feel fear?
Or accept it and let it take you?

I wonder what it’s like in those final minutes
When the people around you are dabbing their eyes
When you know exactly what their thinking
And then your heart stops and you no longer care

No longer do you need to worry about their feelings
Your mind is closed
Your breathings stopped
And you’re peaceful once more

The shadow

Just like a book she remains open, half her pages still unwritten. Shes a shadow moving in the night watching as you sleep. Counting each breath, shes done this for years. Waiting and watching every move you make. As you forget about her, As your memories fade. She stands there in the shadows remembering that day. Thanks to you shes nothing but a shadow, Locked away in the darkness both night and day. Do you know what its like to be hidden away? To be disposed of like a dead rat in a cage. 6 years ago when she was 18. You didn’t want her to be the sunlight any more. You were filled with greed. You dirty pig, A rag of filth. You killed her and took everything she had. You threw her away and like a torn piece of paper she was burnt away. Her shadow watched as you took her life that day and now its time for it to make you pay.

For 60 years its watched you. Every step you take. If you took the time, you’d see it in the corners and in the shadows of the day. You got rid of the evidence but you made one fatal mistake. She may have been an orphan with no family she was easy to take. You took everything she had. Everything she’d slaved to get. You took away her happiness and for that you’ll surely pay. The fatal mistake you made was you didn’t catch her shadow but you don’t need to worry because soon it will all be done. That beautiful hunters knife you keep locked away. That you used to cut her throat on that fateful day. And the fire in the woods that will be lit for one more day. That shadow will show no mercy as darkness is its way.

A little story

There once was a little boy
Who was quite the spoilt brat
Never had any manners
And every word he spat

Now everyone was sick of him
They’d never known a boy so rude
He really was a naughty thing
And always in a mood

The towns people plotted and planned
“How do we get rid of this child?” They said
So they sat and scammed
Then an idea came to mind

Later that week
As the little brat appeared
Mrs tolly took command
Setting up a little trap to catch him as he neared

As that little boy touched the rope
He went flying into the air
All the people watched and laughed
As a branch caught his underwear

Like a human catapult
He was thrown into the night
Those Calvin Kleins threw him far away
That town sure put him right